What Does Gay Look Like?

Not too long ago, I was in a soap shop in a nearby town’s village…a series of unique stores trying to prove that small business ownership is alive and thriving in America. The owner of the store had turned the conversation from the development of her new endeavor to me. She wanted to know my story or rather the story of my female friend who was with me and me. I told her we weren’t together, that I was gay. She said she wouldn’t have thought that about me. I wasn’t sure how to take it and I began to wonder, just what does gay look like?

There is an element of truth in all stereotypes, it is true. But, all stereotypes don’t cover all people within a group and aren’t necessarily true, therefore, of the group.

There are many segments within our community that extend beyond the letters LGBTQ. That is why the rainbow is an appropriate symbol for all who identify within the spectrum. It would be repetitive for me to create a list here of all the different groups and individuals who identify within any of those shades of color.

There isn’t a face we can look to unless we look into the face of each of us. Surely that face has evolved from the face of our past. It is no longer the face of one or two colors, but now the face of all of us.

The greatest thing we have done within the LGBT community to advance the gay agenda is to come out. By doing so we are now identified as sons and daughters, mothers and fathers, co-workers and employers, legislators and judges, business owners…and customers.