The Adventures Of Spork & Foon

Hubby decided to test the walkie-talkie feature on our smartphones last night. We were having dinner in a very noisy restaurant.

Hubby: (above the noise level, talking into this watch): Can you hear me?
Me: (looking across the table): Loud and clear!
Hubby: Shut up.


I try to be helpful.

The Adventures Of Spork & Foon


Hubby: How was your day?
Me: Blah, Blah, Blah…I did the laundry…Blah, Blah, Blah…
Hubby: Did you do the laundry?
Me: I said I did the laundry.
Hubby: Wait. You expect me to listen AND pay attention?

The Adventures Of Spork & Foon

Hubby wanted to buy a pair of safety glasses for his upcoming mission. This is our conversation when he got back in the car…

H: I got bifocal glasses. God, I’m getting old!

Me: (mere silence)

H: Shut up!

(He’s getting better at reading my mind, though.)