Poems My Grandmother Taught Me


With eager hands she pulled him some,
“I wonder — where is this grass from?
What made the sail that held it so?”
He answered her, “I do not know.”

She saw a rose, yellow with white,
“How do the petals fit so tight?”
How can these thorns her let it grow?”
He said to her, “I do not know.”

“Why don’t the clouds fall from the sky?
What makes the mountains up so high?
What keeps the water in a well?”
He answered her, “I cannot tell.”

The thousand things that we pass by
And never question, bring a “why”?
From little hearts, “What made it so?”
Unless we tell them they won’t know.

We brought them into a world full of
Things to smell, to see, to touch and love.
We put them here on this earth and to
Explain it to them is the least we can do!

~Dana B. Nelson

Poems My Grandmother Taught Me

Come See!

No matter what I’m doing,
Or how busy I may be,
I always come a-running,
When you call, “Oh, come see!”

It might be a pretty bird,
Or an ugly bug,
Or the way the sunshine
Makes patterns on the rug.

“Oh, Mother, come and see!”
And come I always do.
And I watch the stars glow
In the night with you.

And I watch the rain drops
Fall on bird’s wings.
You and I together
Enjoy so many things.

I’ll never be too busy
When you call, “Oh, come see!”
For things seen through a child’s eyes
Are lovely as can be!

~Dana B. Nelson

Poems My Grandmother Taught Me

A Lesson

Mother says that I should take
Some lessons from our cat.
That’s a funny thing to say!
What does she mean by that?
“Watch her,” Mother says to me,
“After she’s eaten, what does she do?
Scrubs her face and paws all clean.
And so, Young Man, should you!”

~Dana B. Nelson

Poems My Grandmother Taught Me


Sandy’s got a tummy-ache,
Isn’t that a shame?
Mother said, “For goodness sake,
Wonder what’s to blame?”

Mother had a pretty bowl,
Lots of candy in it,
Sandy saw the bowl and ate
It empty in a minute.

Then he got the tummy-ache.
“One thing I’d like to know,”
Said Mother, when she saw the bowl,
“Where did that candy go?”

Sandy thought awhile and sid,
“The dearest little elf
Came to visit me awhile
And he just helped himself!”

“Why, that’s a queer thing,” Mother said,
“And sense it doesn’t make.
If the elf ate the candy,
Why have you the tummyache?”

He smiled, “Oh, it was such a lovely
Story about the elf,
But it was only make-believe,
I ate it all myself!”

~Dana B. Nelson

Poems My Grandmother Taught Me

Yes, Mom

(He comes in the kitchen door
With mud from head to toes,
And then excuses start,
And on and on it goes!)

I know I am a mess,
And you’ll be mad, I guess.
But that puddle was big as a lake,
And I made one big mistake,
I could have walked around,
But I jumped and hit the ground.
So as long as I landed in it,
I just stayed and played a minute.
Well, maybe an hour or more …..
Yes, Mom, I’ll close the door …
Yes, Mom, I’ll wipe the floor …
Yes, Mom,
Yes, Mom,
Yes, Mom.

~Dana B. Nelson