Poems My Grandmother Taught Me

After The Rain, The Rainbow

And now the rain falls gently,
Easing the summer heat,
Washing away the dust
From house and shrub and street.

Just so, the tears fall softly,
Easing the hurt and pain,
Washing away the heartache,
Giving me peace again.

And as I feel the pain go,
I look and see the rainbow!

~Dana B. Nelson

Poems My Grandmother Taught Me

Our Choice

Marriage is heaven, or it can be hell.
What will ours be? How can we tell?

The answer is ours to make,
Because from the start,
We’ll make our love grow or turn
Ice cold in the heart.
We are the two who’ll decide
Which trend it will take,
Either heaven on earth,
Or a hell we’ll make.

So let’s be kind and thoughtful,
Unselfish and forgiving,
Forget our little faults
As we share living.

Since we love each other so tenderly,
Let’s treat it very sacredly.
Love is a flower to be watered each day,
Faithfully, or it withers away!

~Dana B. Nelson

Poems My Grandmother Taught Me

Lest I Forget

I must remember all these lonely nights.
It’s funny how the stillness in a room
Can be so heavy it is almost like
A person standing there exuding gloom.

The darkness closes in outside and makes
The room four walls with nothing else to view,
And old familiar sounds then come to be
Strange, mysterious noises, odd and new.

Music, books, the little tasks I do,
Are just escapes, all time consuming things.
As if by doing them I’ll somehow make
The endless night grow restless and take wings.

Oh, yes, I must remember all these nights,
When I am sharing life again with you,
And our dear love is filling every space
Where darkness was, and hours seem short and few.

When we are both together once again,
I must remember and be thankful then!

~Dana B. Nelson

Poems My Grandmother Taught Me

The Black Eye

They look at you and try
To hold their laughter in,
And say “What a humdinger fight
That must’ve been!”

Shall I tell them the truth,
That you were hit by a swing?
Or just smile and go on
And ignore the whole thing?

I have to admit
It’s a shiner alright.
It looks like you really
Were in a big fight.

Perhaps it is best
To smile and go on,
I’m supposed to explain
Who lost and who won!

I don’t for a minute,
Believe that they buy
The truth when I tell them
How you got that black eye!

~Dana B. Nelson

Poems My Grandmother Taught Me


Little boy that’s cuddling so,
Sleepy boy, I know, I know.
Put your head upon my breast,
You have earned your evening rest.
Quiet now, and bye-lo-bye,
Stars are lighting up the sky.
Close your eyes, I’ll hum a song,
‘Til the sandman comes along.
Bye-lo-bye, I love you so,
Cuddly boy to sleep you go!

~Dana B. Nelson

Poems My Grandmother Taught Me

Tomorrow Will Be A Lovely Day

Each day with you was so precious to me
I wanted things to go perfectly.
But somehow it seemed that on this day
Not a thing went right, try as I may.
Everything piled up, pushed in and upset,
You know how hectic some days can get.
That night when I finally put you to bed,
I laid beside you and all through my head
Came tumbling regrets. How I wished then
We could live that day together again.

Oh, God, I thought, I love him so,
Yet at times like this, how will he know?
As the stars shown in the window here,
You reached for my hand, and with wisdom rare,
You said, “I love you in every way,
And tomorrow will be a lovely day.”

Oh, Shawnie, Shawnie, how sweet you are!
You give me a rainbow, you give me a star!
You give me a heart with a song to sing.
When I am with you everything
Is wonderful, beautiful, magical, gay.
Yes, tomorrow will be a lovely day!

Oh, that was many years ago.
But it taught me a lesson. Now I know
It’s a sin to regret. What one must do
Is treasure each moment God gives to you.
Though some things many happen to fret or dismay,
I push them aside and go on my way.
Now every night when I go to bed
I always remember the words you said.
I cherish the lovely, the good and the true,
And I’ve learned to be exactly like you.
For with faith and hope and courage I say,
Tomorrow will be a lovely day!

~Dana B. Nelson

Poems My Grandmother Taught Me

Little Boy Spanked

You poor little boy that I spanked,
You think you’ve been hurt very bad,
But if you could really know
How it hurt your, poor old Dad

To even touch one hair on your head,
I know you are sorry for what you said!

Oh, I was a little boy once,
And I often got spanked like you,
But I never found out until now
What a task it is to do.

Stop crying, I tell you! Or even your Dad
Will have to break down, and that would be bad!

You poor little crying, sad boy,
Don’t think you’re the only one hurt!
I hated to punish and scold,
Regardless of black eye and dirt!

I once was a little boy like you
Who would fight and get a black eye, too.

So I know just how you feel,
And you honestly weren’t so bad.
And I’m sort of happy to know
You’re so very much like your Dad!

~Dana B. Nelson