Poems My Grandmother Taught Me

Tomorrow Will Be A Lovely Day

Each day with you was so precious to me
I wanted things to go perfectly.
But somehow it seemed that on this day
Not a thing went right, try as I may.
Everything piled up, pushed in and upset,
You know how hectic some days can get.
That night when I finally put you to bed,
I laid beside you and all through my head
Came tumbling regrets. How I wished then
We could live that day together again.

Oh, God, I thought, I love him so,
Yet at times like this, how will he know?
As the stars shown in the window here,
You reached for my hand, and with wisdom rare,
You said, “I love you in every way,
And tomorrow will be a lovely day.”

Oh, Shawnie, Shawnie, how sweet you are!
You give me a rainbow, you give me a star!
You give me a heart with a song to sing.
When I am with you everything
Is wonderful, beautiful, magical, gay.
Yes, tomorrow will be a lovely day!

Oh, that was many years ago.
But it taught me a lesson. Now I know
It’s a sin to regret. What one must do
Is treasure each moment God gives to you.
Though some things many happen to fret or dismay,
I push them aside and go on my way.
Now every night when I go to bed
I always remember the words you said.
I cherish the lovely, the good and the true,
And I’ve learned to be exactly like you.
For with faith and hope and courage I say,
Tomorrow will be a lovely day!

~Dana B. Nelson