Never Alone

I’ve noticed that there are several steps to writing in a journal…

You begin.
You get busy.
You forget.
You think you’ll never remember everything you forgot.
You think, “Why bother?”
You begin again.
You wonder why you didn’t stick with it all along.

Turning The Calendar Page

We will each remember 2018 differently. For some it will be good, for others not. As I turn the calendar page tonight to 2019, I realize there is still work to be done: relationships to mend, ideas to birth, adventures to go on with people and places to see, new friendships to forge, new territories to conquer. There will be smiles and tears, hugs and disagreements, joy and sorrow I’m sure. But this day always tends to fill me with Excitement and Hope. No one knows what the new year will bring. But as long as we realize we’re all in this together, we’ll get by just fine. Hugs.