Poems My Grandmother Taught Me

The Bridge Left Unburned Behind

I was busy doing something else,
And suddenly I heard it –
A melody played that we loved.
A melody – how shall I word it? –
That brought me peace and joy and love
That I knew then. And I
Was swiftly back again in that
Dear house and seated by
The piano playing that sweet song.
As though it were yesterday,
I saw the rich, green walls and thick
Grey rug – how the sun always lay
In funny patterns on it. And
We were together again
As a family – you in your chair,
Our child close by. Oh then
There was security! For one
Brief moment it returned to me.
And with the rush of memories,
I sobbed with tears convulsively.

I wept! I wept, My Dear, because
Regardless of what went on
Before or after all these years
Since then, that song sent on
The fragments of a memory
Made me realize this: as yet
There is no way to erase a love
Of yesterday. You can’t forget
Entirely one whom you have loved.
There’ll always be a day
When it returns again so dear
In an unexpected way.
A bridge of memories will span
The miles and years to the heart of man.

~Dana B. Nelson