The Adventures Of Spork & Foon

Hubby decided to test the walkie-talkie feature on our smartphones last night. We were having dinner in a very noisy restaurant.

Hubby: (above the noise level, talking into this watch): Can you hear me?
Me: (looking across the table): Loud and clear!
Hubby: Shut up.


I try to be helpful.

The Adventures Of Spork & Foon


Hubby: How was your day?
Me: Blah, Blah, Blah…I did the laundry…Blah, Blah, Blah…
Hubby: Did you do the laundry?
Me: I said I did the laundry.
Hubby: Wait. You expect me to listen AND pay attention?

The Adventures Of Spork & Foon

The other day I heard a sudden, sharp yelp followed by a lot of activity.

I came out of the bedroom to find Hubby playing broom hockey with a baby lizard who had found his way inside the house. The door to the lanai was ajar and Hubby was trying to get the little fellow back outside. I’m not sure who was more panicked.

Final score: Baby Lizard 7, Hubby 1. But, the lizard could be found outside breathing heavy.

Come to think of it…so was Hubby!