Poems My Grandmother Taught Me

Lest I Forget

I must remember all these lonely nights.
It’s funny how the stillness in a room
Can be so heavy it is almost like
A person standing there exuding gloom.

The darkness closes in outside and makes
The room four walls with nothing else to view,
And old familiar sounds then come to be
Strange, mysterious noises, odd and new.

Music, books, the little tasks I do,
Are just escapes, all time consuming things.
As if by doing them I’ll somehow make
The endless night grow restless and take wings.

Oh, yes, I must remember all these nights,
When I am sharing life again with you,
And our dear love is filling every space
Where darkness was, and hours seem short and few.

When we are both together once again,
I must remember and be thankful then!

~Dana B. Nelson

Poems My Grandmother Taught Me

The Sugar Pill

The doctor’s waiting room was filled —
With only standing room.
Pills for this, pills for that —
Chase the ladies’ gloom!

Women, women, women,
Crowded in the hall —
Was there no end to it,
No end at all?

Way down deep inside,
This wise doctor knew,
That to cure the many ills,
What he ought to do,

Was call each husband in,
Stand there and say,
Tell her that you love her,
Tell her three times a day!

~Dana B. Nelson