Poems My Grandmother Taught Me

From My Kitchen Window

I live up on a hill and I
Keep in touch with earth and sky
From my kitchen window.
A panorama for a king
Is mine each day. And everything
Is ever lovely here.
There below me lies the town,
I watch the road veins winding down
Into its very heart.
Up above me, blue or grey,
I watch the sky life every day.
Such sights I see!
The sunset colors all aglow,
The fog, the sleet, the rain and snow
Are fascinating things.
I see the birds in winter flight,
I watch the stars come out at night
And pepper up the sky.
The lights come on down in the town
And glisten like a sparkling gown,
And then it seems
As if both earth and sky are one.
And oh, I think its so much fun
To live up on a hill so I
Can keep in touch with earth and sky
From my kitchen window!

~Dana B. Nelson