…with a three-year-old grandchild…

Grandchild: We are standing by the frigerator.
Mommy: Sometimes she just likes to state facts.
Grandpapa: Yep. She’s a little almanac.
Grandchild…excitedly: Mommy! He called me an omelet!


<<Insert laughter all around>>

Life Lessons

File this under “Things Your Grandchildren Teach You”.

Pool noodles aren’t noodles. They’re “poodles”. We have a blue one and a green one. But, my favorite is the pink poodle.

One day my granddaughter will understand how funny that is to her Grandpapa.

Poems My Grandmother Taught Me

The Lazy One

Two little chickens early in the morning,
In the barnyard, getting awake,
As the rooster crowed, one said to the other,
“What a racket that rooster can make!
I just don’t think I’ll get up today,
I’m not going scratching at all.
Perhaps you would scratch for both of us,
I think I’ll just sit and loll.”

Said the other chicken, “Now get this straight,
Although your plan is neat,
He who doesn’t work at all,
Simply doesn’t eat.
Scratch for yourself, my lazy one,
Being idle is no fun!”

~Dana B. Nelson


Recently I was taken back to playing Canasta with my beloved grandmother. Often we would play well into the night. I remember one night playing so long that we literally watched a lima bean sprout grow that we had planted in a Dixie cup.

I would often win. No, I would often trounce her, laughing with glee at having done it. Now I know she let me. The joy I brought through laughter was the reason she would laugh, too.

It is something we do as grandparents.

Missing mine, but, grateful I am one.