Poems My Grandmother Taught Me

To Shawn

I wish I could go to a store today
And say to a clerk, “I’d like to see
A dear little boy with big brown eyes,
And dimpled cheeks, between two and three.”

And maybe she’d show me a lot of boys,
And maybe she’d just have a few,
But the one I’d take would have to look,
And act, and be exactly like you.

And she’d say to me, “Shall I wrap him up?”
And I’d reply, “Oh, never mind.
I’ll take him just as he is. You see,
I’m so awfully glad that I could find

Just what I wanted. I like him this way,
With a dirty face and uncombed hair,
His knees all skinned, and his pants coming down,
His shoes untied, and his midriff bare.”

And he’d come to me with his arms out-stretched,
And I’d say, “I love you!” as we walked to the door.
Oh, I wish I could go into town and get
A dear little boy like you at a store!

~Dana B. Nelson

Poems My Grandmother Taught Me

The Gift

You held your hands behind your back,
“Which hand do you choose?” you said.
“Oh, I’ll take the right one,” I answered you.
And you laughed and shook your head.
“You’re wrong! You chose the wrong one!
It was in the left, and see
It’s a beautiful shell I found,
A gift to you from me!”

I put it in my coincase,
And look at it every day.
And I can see your happy face,
And I can hear you say,
“Which hand do you choose?” your eyes all aglow.
And I wonder if you realize
The thing I cherish most of all
Is the love you give me from your eyes.

~Dana B. Nelson

Poems My Grandmother Taught Me

Life’s Blessing

We go to bed and we kiss goodnight,
You say, “I love you”, I turn off the light.
And before you go to sleep you say,
“Tomorrow will be a lovely day!”
As we lie there together, just we two,
I wonder how I was blessed with you.
I never deserved such a blessing, I know,
But I always thank God that it is so.
Your hand in mine as we fall asleep,
Happy, contented, we drink life deep.
Tomorrow has such fun in store,
For a grandmother and a boy of four!

~Dana B. Nelson

Poems My Grandmother Taught Me

Our Secret Hiding Place

We have a secret hiding place,
You and I together,
We can hide there anytime,
Rain or sunny weather.
And we tell each other our secrets
No one else can know,
Or we watch the birds fly,
Or the grass grow,
Or the way the rain falls
On tender flower and tree.
You and I together
Have many things to see.
And never shall we tell a soul
The secrets that we share,
Or about our secret hiding place.
We’re such a happy pair,
That it doesn’t make a bit of difference
One way or another,
That you have just turned six
And I am your grandmother!

~Dana B. Nelson


…with a three-year-old grandchild…

Grandchild: We are standing by the frigerator.
Mommy: Sometimes she just likes to state facts.
Grandpapa: Yep. She’s a little almanac.
Grandchild…excitedly: Mommy! He called me an omelet!


<<Insert laughter all around>>

Life Lessons

File this under “Things Your Grandchildren Teach You”.

Pool noodles aren’t noodles. They’re “poodles”. We have a blue one and a green one. But, my favorite is the pink poodle.

One day my granddaughter will understand how funny that is to her Grandpapa.