The Adventures Of Spork & Foon

This is one of our favorite stories to tell…

I usually pack our breakfasts and lunches. One evening it had gotten particularly hectic and I didn’t have time to get it done. I told Hubby he’d be on his own in the morning.

When he got home the following evening, I asked him what he’d had for breakfast.

“I did really, really well! I had a plain bagel!”
“You did?”
“Yep. It came with a piece of cheese!”
“It did?”
“Yep. And a sausage patty!”
“Oh! And an egg, too!”
“Wow! That was some plain bagel!”
“Yeah. I thought the same thing! What a deal, right? And they threw in a hash brown patty, too!”
“Lucky you!”

The Adventures of Spork & Foon

My Hubby really is the best.

Last year he resurrected a family recipe for fruitcake. He made dozens of mini loaves and gave them away as gifts. The thing about fruitcake is you either like it or you don’t. It has a bad rap for some reason. Personally, I’ve always enjoyed it. But, people really, really seem to love this fruitcake.

This year he began gathering all of the things he would need to make them again. He surprised me though. He figured out how to tweak the recipe and make it vegan…completely vegan.

So last night, after the trial batch was completed baking and had cooled, we tasted it to see if it would be any good. It was actually moister and tastier. We were both excited. I told him, “Do you know how hard it is to find a vegan fruitcake around the holidays?!”

Maybe we’ve found a new profession: Spork and Foon Bakers. I sort of like it. IMG_2780