Poems My Grandmother Taught Me

To My Father

If there is any good in me,
Any sweet thought or prayer,
Any kind deed or noble goal,
Because of you it’s there.

If I have made someone happy,
Or lightened the load of one,
Been a good wife or mother,
Because of you it was done.

Every good and fine and wonderful thing
I know, you taught to me.
Not by words alone, but the life you lived
In sweet serenity.

Everything beautiful that I see,
Everything lovely I hear,
Any kindness I see shown
Or anything sweet and dear,

Brings you instantly back to me.
For though death took us apart,
Nothing in this earth or heaven
Could take you from my heart.

For always there is the good and lovely,
Always there’s kindness to see,
Always a song to be sung, and that’s why
You’ll live in the heart of me.

~Dana B. Nelson