The Adventures Of Spork & Foon


Hubby: How was your day?
Me: Blah, Blah, Blah…I did the laundry…Blah, Blah, Blah…
Hubby: Did you do the laundry?
Me: I said I did the laundry.
Hubby: Wait. You expect me to listen AND pay attention?

The Little Things: On Bad Words

I was thinking about the time that my daughter posted told us that our granddaughter had increased her vocabulary to include the phrase she’d heard, “Oh, sh*t.”

It reminded me of when middle daughter told me that her older sister had said a really bad word. Holding my breath, I asked what the word was.

With as much drama as she could muster and eyes wide, she told me her sister had said “Shut up!”

And then I breathed and chuckled.


Recently I was taken back to playing Canasta with my beloved grandmother. Often we would play well into the night. I remember one night playing so long that we literally watched a lima bean sprout grow that we had planted in a Dixie cup.

I would often win. No, I would often trounce her, laughing with glee at having done it. Now I know she let me. The joy I brought through laughter was the reason she would laugh, too.

It is something we do as grandparents.

Missing mine, but, grateful I am one.

As Tough As It Is

One of the toughest periods of parenting for Mom and Dad is the teenage years.

We find ourselves at the end of legal responsibilities. We have a child ready to embark into that final moment of true independence. We say to ourselves that they cannot possibly be ready. We want to help. We want to remain in control. Parenting is a job we find we are unwilling to relinquish yet.

Someone once told me a story of two cocoons. Both contained butterflies ready to emerge. One was gently cut from its constraints. The other had to struggle until it was free. But, this one, the one which fought was the one that could fly. The other could not.

The greatest lessons we learn in life aren’t the ones we are taught by our parents. They are the ones we discover on our own.