Believe In Yourself

Several years ago I tore the meniscus in my right knee. Recuperation left me slightly immobile and on crutches. My youngest daughter, taking pity on her old man, would drive down after work to spend time with me. Since I really couldn’t go out and navigating the steps was somewhat treacherous, we’d sit and watch Will & Grace on DVD…and we would laugh and laugh and laugh.

Yesterday she took her final in nursing school. It has been an arduous process for her. She was working full time and attending school. She was a full-time mommy and wife. There were times she’d call and we’d talk about whether she had made the right decision. Going back to school at any age can be tough when you have been out of the education process for any length of time. Every test became an opportunity for her to doubt herself. With every conversation, I would let her know that I believed in her and knew that she had this. And with every test result, she would prove to herself what we all knew about her already…she is capable of achieving whatever she set her mind to do.

After the test yesterday, I sent her a text asking her how she thought she did. She told me she thought she passed. I took that very opportunity to send her a GIF of Debbie Reynolds as Grace’s mom doing the “I Told You So!” dance.¬†What self-respecting Papa wouldn’t?

And then we laughed and laughed and laughed.