Poems My Grandmother Taught Me

Shattered And Broken, But, Home From War

We ask no pity now, nor ever will.
But this we ask: grant us a chance to prove
Ourselves. We were not always taught to kill.
It is a greater task to hate than love.
We hold no malice in our hearts although
All through our lives disabled we must go.
We who must drag through life with bodies torn,
Or walk in darkness, or not walk at all,
We who have fought too long, too hard, and worn
And shattered nerves — we shall not fall!
For faith and courage strong are shields we wear,
And can the heart be stilled with courage there?
We all will find our placed in life again,
And live and laugh and love like yesterday.
We ask that you treat us as other men.
Just grant us this and we will find our way.
Think of us as we were before. And then
We’ll provide ourselves to be as other men.

~Dana B. Nelson