Poems My Grandmother Taught Me


Once I heard a playmate say,
“Fairies aren’t real, anyway!”
I took her by the hand and we
Went back behind the apple tree.
Back where the grass grows nice and high,
And you’re alone with earth and sky.
We laid down flat as we could get
On our tummies. “Now you let
Me tell you just what you’re to do.
Don’t you move one bit, and you
Will see a fairy or an elf,
Because I’ve seen them here myself!”

We waited quietly and then
The grass moved softly, and again!
We heard a flutter, sure enough!
A fairy like a powder-puff,
Flew within our sight and she
Lighted on the apple tree,
Sat upon a blossom white,
Then flew gaily out of sight.
My playmate said, “Now I believe
That fairies really live and breathe!”
And together she and I
Often watch them flutter by.

~Dana B. Nelson