Poems My Grandmother Taught Me


She sat by the mouse trap and softly cried,
Because a little grey mouse had died.

“He’s such a tiny Little Mouse Grey,
He couldn’t harm us in any way.
He wanted to live as much as I.
And now you’ve left this little mouse die!
One time our kitty hurt a mouse,
And I found him near the house,
And I held him carefully
In my hand, and he liked me.
I petted him and we talked a bit,
Then I said goodbye to it.
He was my friend when he ran away,
I know he’ll come back to see my some day!”

As I saw her there with tears in her eyes,
And the faith that only childhood knows,
It saddened me to think of what
One loses as one older grows.

~Dana B. Nelson


Husband. Father. Grandfather. Life enthusiast. Life coach. Commentator. My world. Sharing My perspectives.

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