From My Kitchen

Tonight I wanted a side dish to go with spaghetti for dinner…something other than a salad. I had an extra bag of fresh spinach due to a buy one get one offer at the local market which provided the perfect solution.

I put about three tablespoons of vegetable broth in my covered sauté pan. Next the entire  bag of spinach went into the pan and covered it, cooking it over medium heat. Once or twice I turned the spinach, but, pretty much just let it cook down with the broth and the water from the steam it created.

Once the spinach was nearly cooked, I seasoned it with Himalayan salt, pepper, and lemon peel…using each liberally, but, to taste. I also added a third cup of sliced almonds. The lid went back on and it continued to cook until it was thoroughly cooked through.

Roughly 95 calories each for Hubby and me…and super delicious!


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