The Adventures of Spork & Foon

Hubby and I are winding up a week of vacation this evening. We stayed home for part of the week and went away for the other part.

Tonight the laundry has been completed and put away. Mentally, we’re as prepared as we are going to be to head back to work tomorrow. I even made vegan nachos for dinner. We’re spending a quiet evening relaxing, watching television, and will likely turn in early to enjoy another good night’s rest.

It has rained all week. It will rain all of the coming week as well. It isn’t as though we didn’t need it, because, we did. There is something about bad weather when you’re on holiday. Your plans have to change from outdoor activities to indoor ones. You wind up having to make adjustments. You make the best of it.

About mid-week, Hubby turned to me and said, “You know. The best part of vacation isn’t  getting away. It doesn’t matter if it is raining or not. The best part of vacation is just being able to spend time with you.

The rain lifted.


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