“Nobody Gets Out Of Here Alive!”

That probably sounds like a line from a dramatic B film. Actually it is a reminder to myself of Life itself.

As a child, my middle daughter was quick to remind all of us as we left the house that she loved us. It got to a point where it seemed overdone a bit. I mean I was only going to put trash in the can at the end of the sidewalk! But, as I’ve aged, I’ve realized the importance of those words.

My children are grown now, raising children of their own. My husband leaves the house daily to go to work while I work from home. My friends have their own lives which keep them occupied. We all get caught up in our daily routines. Distance separates us. And in the briefest of milliseconds, so much more than physical distance can and one day will force us apart.

I’m certainly not a defeatist and I do not look for the negative in things. I prefer to think of myself as an optimistic realist. I love every moment of every day. I appreciate the littlest of things: a baby’s genuine laugh, fresh cut flowers, vibrant colors, plants and animals, respectful discussions and so much more. I want to maximize each experience I have to the fullest, or, at least I try to do so, because I know that Life comes with an expiration date. No one indeed gets out of this alive.

That’s why it is now so important for me to follow my daughter’s innocent example: to tell those who are meaningful to me that I love them…a little more often; to hug them…a little tighter; to remind them that they are my world…a little more frequently; that I am proud of who they are and not what they have achieved…a little more sincerely. This is the legacy that I have chosen for myself in my words both written and oral: to be an encourager, to have made a difference.

To that end, may we all be remembered.


Husband. Father. Grandfather. Life enthusiast. Life coach. Commentator. Photographer. Capturing My world. Sharing My perspectives. You may also enjoy my new blog: amoralamusings.blog where I sound off on a variety of topics.

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