Parenting Isn’t For Wimps

My daughter sent me a text this morning letting me know that our granddaughter is finished breastfeeding. Our granddaughter is taking the world on by storm playing with her toys and acting like it is no big deal. Meanwhile, my daughter is in tears.

It reminded me of my ex-wife’s similar experience with the oldest daughter who also weaned herself. My ex came to me and through sobbing and many tears said, “She doesn’t need me anymore!” Of course nearly thirty-five years later, this statement has proven false. They’re tighter than a woven cord. It just took time.

From the moment our children are born, we begin a course of teaching and training them to be independent. It’s a sliding scale from their being the most vulnerable and dependent they will ever be to becoming, if we’re lucky, productive and independent contributors to society. Along the way is the toughest job we will ever undertake, ever be challenged with, and ever face. Parenting isn’t for wimps.

But again, if we’re lucky, it will also be the most rewarding thing we ever do. Granted it takes over eighteen years to complete the course and hopefully graduate into their being on their own. But as my daughter has discovered today, there are moments, like the one she just went through, when you want them to stay little a tiny bit longer.


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