Food For Thought: On Cancer

A couple of things to consider when a loved one shares that they are battling cancer:

This isn’t about you. Yes, your world will be affected. But isn’t about you. It’s about them.

Not all cancers are treated the same.

Not all bodies respond to cancer treatments equally. My sister has battled cancer for over forty years.

The greatest gifts you can give someone battling cancer are these:

…your silence. Listen with your heart.

…your hand. Hold theirs.

…your time. Go for a walk at the beach, in the park.

…your devotion. Do not let them be forgotten.

…your Love.


Husband. Father. Grandfather. Life enthusiast. Life coach. Commentator. Photographer. Capturing My world. Sharing My perspectives. You may also enjoy my new blog: where I sound off on a variety of topics.

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